Confirmation of Directors’ details-Replacements


The following amendment has been made to the announcement released earlier today at 11:43am under RNS No 9496W;


Under the details for Christopher Mills, the date has been amended to 23rd March 2011.


All other details remain unchanged.


The full amended text is shown below.


RNS Number: AssetCo PLC


7 February 2012


AssetCo plc ("the Company") - Confirmation of Directors' details


Further to the announcement of 23 March 2011 on the appointment of Tudor Davies as Executive Chairman and Christopher Mills as Non-Executive Director, further details relating to the two appointments are given below and no further information is required to be disclosed under Schedule 2(g) of the AIM Rules.


The Company's shares remain suspended from trading on the AIM market, pending publication of the interim figures and accounts for the period ending 30 September 2011.


Enquiries: AssetCo plc +44 (0) 20 8515 3999 Tudor Davis Arden Partners plc +44 (0) 20 7614 5917 Richard Day Adrian Trimmings


Tudor Davies

Current other directorships

From 2000 Director of Zytronic Plc

Directorships held in the last five years

2002-2010 Chairman Dowding & Mills Plc,

2007-2010 Director of Dowding & Mills (UK) Limited, Castle Support Services Plc, DM Technical Services Limited   


Christopher Mills

Current other directorships






Date: as at 23rd March 2011


Current Directorships/LLP                                                             Date of                                  



J O Hambro Capital Management Limited                                        01/02/1993                            

J O Hambro Capital Management Group                                          01/10/1998                            


North Atlantic Value LLP                                                                   14/10/2003                            

North Atlantic Smaller Companies                                                    August 1984                        

Investment Trust PLC                                                                        

Second London American Trust PLC (In                                         24/04/1996                            

Member's Voluntary Liquidation)

Consolidated Venture Finance Limited                                            1984                                       

Growth Financial Services Limited                                                    1984                                       

Cross Border Limited                                                                           12/03/1999                            

Cross-Border Publishing (London) Limited                                     12/03/1999                            

Izodia PLC                                                                                             22/04/2003                            

Prime Focus London PLC                                                                   1/09/2003                              

Baltimore Capital PLC (in member's                                                   28/07/2006                            

voluntary liquidation)

Forefront Group Limited                                                                     15/08/2006                            

Hampton Trust Plc                                                                               24/01/2007                            

Hampton Investment Properties Limited                                          24/01/2007                            

Hampton Land & Estates Limited                                                     28/02/2007                            

Mount Street Properties Limited                                                       24/01/2007                            

Catalyst Media Group Plc                                                                   1/06/2007                              

Catalyst Media Holdings Limited                                                      26/11/2008                            

Darby Group Limited                                                                           27/11/2007                            

Bionostics Holdings Limited                                                              30/11/2007                            

Alternateport Limited                                                                          10/12/2007                            

Satellite Information Services (Holdings)                                        17/01/2008                            


Bionostics Limited                                                                               31/01/2008                            

62 Pont Street (Freehold) Limited                                                      17/6/2008                              

M J Gleeson Group Public Limited Company                                   1/1/2009                                

Valiant Sports Holdings Limited                                                        6/4/2009                                

Orthoproducts Limited                                                                        30/3/2009                              

Essenden Public Limited Company                                                   26/5/2009                              

Nationwide Accident Repair Services Plc                                        4/6/2009                                

Nastor Investments Limited                                                               21/7/2009                              

Celsis International Limited                                                                3/9/2009                                

Alba Investment Properties Limited                                                 5/11/2009                              

Alba Investment Properties Holdings Limited                                10/12/2009                            

Alba Investment Properties Intermediate

Holdings Limited                                                                                  15/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (Charlotte Square) Limited                                       23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (George Street) Limited                                             23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (Fifteen) Limited                                                        23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (Seven) Limited                                                          23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell Enterprises Limited                                                   23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (2005) Limited                                                             23/12/2009                            

W. G. Mitchell (Fifteen) Limited                                                        29/01/2010                            

Celsis Group Limited                                                                           10/11/2010                            

H. Townsend & Sons (Builders) Limited                                         16/11/2010                            

Highrix Limited                                                                                     16/11/2010                            

Toftplan Properties Limited                                                                16/11/2010                            


Past Directorships held within last                                                 Date of                                   Date of

five years                                                                                               Appointment                         Resignation


Lonrho PLC                                                                                           18/03/1999                             28/04/2006

Craftbutton Limited                                                                             31/05/05                                 28/09/2006

Paramount Limited                                                                               03/05/2001                             28/09/2006

Zergo Consultants Limited                                                                 1/12/06                                   21/5/2007

Langley Park Investment Trust PLC                                                 29/09/04                                 21/06/2007

Jubilee Investment Trust PLC (in                                                      9/09/2002                               09/05/2007


D M Technical Services Limited                                                        30/11/05                                 19/06/2007

Baltimore Technologies Management                                              2/10/06                                   18/06/2008

Services Limited

Baltimore Technologies Software                                                     23/10/06                                  21/05/2008

(Holdings Limited)

Elydale (Formerly Motherwell Bridge                                               8/09/06                                    12/06/2008



Aerte Group PLC                                                                                  1989                                        16/12/2008


Jarvis Porter Group PLC                                                                      25/01/2001                             Dissolved


Jarvis Porter (Property Holdings) Limited                                        15/06/06                                 Dissolved


JOHCM Alternative Investments LLP                                              26/08/2003                             29/05/2009

Autotag Limited                                                                                   020/12/2001                           06/05/2009

London Trust Productions Limited                                                   06/09/1996                             08/11/2010

Castle Support Services PLC                                                             16/02/2005                             14/06/2010

Orthoplastics Limited                                                                          03/04/2006                             14/04/2009

Dowding and Mills Public Limited Company                                  11/05/2006                             14/06/2010

Inspired Gaming Group Limited                                                         29/09/2006                             1/7/2010

AssetCo Fire and Rescue Limited                                                     21/12/2006                             30/03/2007

Sirvis IT Limited                                                                                   13/03/2007                             14/07/2010

Sirvis IT Holdings Limited                                                                  03/11/2008                             15/07/2010

Darby Glass Limited                                                                            18/12/2007                             19/08/2009

Deepenhart Limited                                                                                                                             Dissolved


American Opportunity Trust PLC                                                     23/08/1989                             Dissolved


Boostcareer Limited                                                                             29/09/1995                             Dissolved


GEI Group Limited                                                                                23/01/2001                             03/11/2010

Further Signed Limited                                                                        06/12/2006                             Dissolved


Crucible Equity Limited                                                                       11/07/2007                             Dissolved



Albany Capital Plc                                                                               24/01/2008                             Dissolved


Crucible Acquisitions Limited                                                           14/05/2008                             Dissolved                                                                                                                                              30/01/2008

Densa Limited                                                                                       14/07/2008                             Dissolved


Ferraris Development & Engineering Company Limited               14/07/2008                             Dissolved                                                                                                                                                                 25/06/2010

Ferraris Healthcare Limited                                                                 14/07/2008                             Dissolved


Ferraris Instruments Limited                                                              14/07/2008                              Dissolved


Reynolds Medical Group Limited                                                      14/07/2008                             Dissolved


RGS(1) Limited                                                                                      14/07/2008                             Dissolved


RGS(5) Limited                                                                                      14/07/2008                             Dissolved


J O Hambro Capital Management Limited                                        01/02/1993                             26/10/2011

Prime Focus London PLC                                                                   1/09/2003                               14/10/2011



The following changes have occurred to the details above as at 7th February 2012.


J O Hambro Capital Management Group Limited has been renamed Harwood Holdco Limited

Mr Mills is no longer director of:

J O Hambro Capital Management Limited

Prime Focus London PLC

W. G. Mitchell (Fifteen) Limited


Mr Mills is now a director of:

Baltimore Technologies (Holdings) Limited                                    21/08/2011                            

Baltimore Technologies (UK) Limited                                              21/08/2011                            

Sinav Limited                                                                                        21/10/2011                            

Harwood Capital Management Limited                                            26/10/2011                            

Academic Research Limited                                                               02/11/2011                            

Merchant Properties General Partner Limited                                  28/11/2011                            

Merchant Properties Nominees Limited                                           28/11/2011                            

Merchant Properties Two General Partner Limited                         28/11/2011                            

Merchant Properties Two Nominee 1 Limited                                 28/11/2011                            

Merchant Properties Two Nominee 2 Limited                                 28/11/2011                            

Harwood Real Estate Limited                                                             13/12/2011                            

GTL Resources Limited                                                                       17/01/2012                            

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